Introduction to my own Introduction


Growing up I was always excited to leave my home and fly somewhere new. I could not wait to sit in the bucket seats of the airplane, the process of over packing because you never knew what kind of adventure you were going to go on. Today, the experience is different. I no longer pack my suitcases with messy eagerness, and at the ripe old age of twenty-one (not that old) I wonder now, when did I grow up and why did I do it so quickly?

As I have officially finished my senior year at Santa Clara University, I realize that life is too short to grow up rapidly and not enjoy the time to be childish and make stupid mistakes. I guess that’s what this blog will begin as, a representation of my attempts to not be reasonable and conscious of my life and future, rather a dedicated effort to be as adventurous, unassuming, risk taking and extraordinary as possible.

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